Monday, November 29, 2010

Utopian Design

In our society, it has become more and more important for the designs that are created to serve a greater purpose than just looking “aesthetically beautiful.”  Currently, there are issues in our society that need addressing, and that is what designers should be doing now.  Look at the oil crisis that is now occurring around the world.  The world in general is all too dependent on oil and gasoline. And unfortunately the earth does not have an endless supply to keep giving humans as they need it.  Not only is the price of oil and gasoline steadily rising at a rate that we probably cannot keep up with, but also one day there will be no more gas left to use.  On that day, what would our society do about one of our most important inventions: the car?

Yes, there are scientist and engineers looking to create a car that does not depend on gasoline at all, but so far they have been unsuccessful in creating a practical one.  In the meantime however, there has been a greater effort by automobile companies to design and produce cars that are more environmentally friendly.

The third generation Toyota Prius was first debuted in January 2009.  This car was designed to improve society in many different ways.  But most notably, the car has an average miles per gallon rating of 51 over 48.  According to the U.S. Environmental and Protection Agency, it was ranked as the number one most efficient vehicle based off of mpg.  All in all, the Toyota Prius was designed to improve society and create “Harmony between man, nature and machine.” (3rd Generation Toyota Prius slogan)

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